A maternity photo shoot can be a great way to document one of the most momentous occasions in a new mother’s life, welcome a new family member and share the exciting news with friends and family.

I get it, it feels weird to flaunt your belly like a model. Yet, I also see the value in embracing it and capturing a time you may only experience once or a few times in your whole life. It doesn’t matter if this is your first or fifth child, this is the only pregnancy that you will have with THIS child! Every pregnancy is different. Capture this moment! The minute that your beautiful child is born, you will more than likely forget what it felt like to be pregnant!

outdoor maternity

go outdoor

I love capturing natural outdoor images of a mum and dad to be and catch those amazing moments between them as it truly sinks in that “this is it” and their are lives are about to dramatically change forever. I also do maternity session in my studio, where i can provide more relaxed atmosphere to create your amazing images. A maternity session is the last time to capture just the two of you before baby arrives and embrace all those butterflies about being new parents! Also, your body as a pregnant mum to be, is doing something miraculous. You are growing a little life inside of you and why not record that moment in time?

Timing matters

The timing of maternity photo shoots matter, because you want the belly to be clearly visible on the photos, but not so big that mum and baby are beginning to feel uncomfortable or will be overly tired out by a long photo shoot. Maternity photography is all about serenity, so it’s important that everyone involved in the photo shoot is feeling calm and relaxed.

Spoil yourself

I always tell my mommies-to-be to pamper themselves before the session! Go and get your hair done, your makeup done! By a new outfit for this occasion! There may be a chance that you are not feeling beautiful because you are pregnant, but you would be surprised how a good facial will change that!!

Did you know I offer mini maternity sessions? As I’ve been doing this over 5 years, I do maternity sessions in an hour. An hour is all we need to create magical images of you, your partner and your bump!

maternity outdoor photography
maternity portrait in white dress in the park

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