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Family photography is a worthy investment. For many of us, we may mistakenly be thinking that hiring a professional photographer for a family photoshoot is a luxury in terms of time and expenses. After all, almost everyone knows how to use a smartphone camera; however, the pros of making a trip down to the studio for a professional photo session with the family outweigh the cons — if any.

 If you’ve been considering booking a family photography session, read on below to learn the many benefits of booking an appointment today.


Professional Photographers Work Well With Kids

That friend of yours you called over to take photos of your family might be able to say, “look at the camera!” And this gets grown-ups to look at the camera — for the most part. But kids often get impatient, and their attention tends to wander.

 Professional family photographers work with toddlers and infants all the time. They know precisely how to get your baby to sit still and smile for the camera. Family photography is a worthy investment.

Phone-Taken Photos Tend to Get Lost

Smartphones are so common nowadays that it’s easy to take them for granted and forget to take care of them. If you’re clumsy, then you risk breaking your phone — and losing all saved photos — before you get the chance to upload your photos to the cloud or transfer them to a hard drive.

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Studio Shoots Are Memorable

When you think about working with a professional for family photography, don’t only consider the outcome; consider the process.

 Between work and personal matters, everyone is busy. Taking the time to step back from your hectic life and take a day to visit the studio can feel like a wonderful day out together with the family. If you’re particularly busy, then you know that time with the family is rare and should be cherished.

 This wonderful experience is going to be a memory you’ll look back on every time you look at the photos the photographer took on that day.

Professionals Have High-Quality Equipment

Your iPhone may have a great camera, but it can’t compare to the high-quality equipment that a professional photographer uses. Photography, after all, is their profession. Aside from a high-quality camera, a professional will also have access to lighting equipment and professional editing software. Family photography is a worthy investment.

Photographers Know How To Use Their Tools

Okay, you read the earlier point, and you think your DSLR is a top-of-the-line camera. That’s fair. But professionals who do photography for a living have invested countless hours into learning and mastering how to use their equipment.

Modern cameras have a fantastic AUTO mode — that’s for sure. But plenty of things can go wrong when you always leave the camera on auto; dark images, blurry photos, and more can result from not knowing how to adjust the camera’s settings manually.

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You’ll Be Part of the Photo

In most families, there’s often a “designated photographer.” This person usually takes one for the team and takes the photos; unfortunately, this often leaves them out of the shot.

 If you think you’re the designated photographer, consider taking a look at your family photos. You may be surprised to find out that you’re barely in them. Working with a family photographer means the entire family will get to be part of the photo. Family photography is a worthy investment.

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Your Session Will Be Thought-Out

We often take photos spontaneously. When something worth photographing happens, we tend to pull out our smartphones and snap a pic. But studio shoots are different from this.

 When booking an appointment for a family photo shoot, you can work closely with the photographer and iron out the details — even including what clothes will work best for the shoot.

When Should I Book a Family Photoshoot?

So, you’ve decided that working with a professional photographer and booking a family photography session is right for you. Now, you may be asking yourself, “when should I book the session?”

There is no “best time” to book a family photoshoot. You can book them whenever you want and how often you want; however, there are a few significant moments wherein you should consider booking a family photoshoot. Read the following few sections to learn more.

 When Everyone’s Back Home

If members of your family don’t live together (maybe your kids are away for college), then you should take the opportunity to capture memories through photography when everyone is back together.

 Or, for example, you live with your kids, but you’ve been extremely busy with work. Then, suddenly, you get a week off. Take this time to capture memories through photography. If you skip this opportunity, then before you know it, your kids will be all grown-up, and you’d have missed some of their most precious years.

 When There’s a Milestone To Celebrate

If you have a newborn baby or your eldest child just had a birthday, there’s no better way to commemorate the occasion than to take family photos that you can look back on fondly later on.

 Milestone family photos aren’t just for the kids. Maybe you’re celebrating your wedding anniversary with your spouse and would like to have the whole family included in your anniversary pictures — that’s reason enough to visit a studio for a family photo shoot.

Final Thoughts: Family photography is a worthy investment!

To conclude, family photography is a worthy investment in terms of both expenses and time. The experience itself will allow you to take the day off and bond with your family. And to add to that, you’ll have professionally taken photos that you can cherish and hang up on your walls for visitors to see for years to come.

Contact Dora Horvath Today

Now that you know why family photography is important and is worth it, the next step you can take would be to book an appointment with a professional family photographer.

 If you’re in Manchester or nearby, contact Dora Horvath and book a trip to her professional portrait studio.

 Dora Horvath’s mission is to create images full of emotion that you can treasure as a family heirloom. She does this by assisting you and your family every step of the way; first, she’ll walk you through a creative consultation to better understand your family; then, she’ll work through the details with you to understand how to best capture the personalities of each family member.

 And if you’re worried about your kids misbehaving, don’t sweat it. Dora Horvath makes sure that every photoshoot is stress-free and comfortable for the kids. With plenty of breaks and no time limit, you can be sure that the entire family will be having a good time.

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