Typically, I plan all my newborn sessions between five and ten days after birth. Although I can take images of  newborns at any age, I strongly encourage parents to schedule sessions when babies are at least under two weeks of age. At this age, they are more likely to curl up in “womb-like” poses, stay asleep longer, don’t mind being unclothed, and usually have their feeding schedules set to at least every two hours.  As you can imagine, it is much easier and a smoother session to photograph a happy sleeping baby! It results in a greater variety so we can get a variety of different set ups and also family images.

As a result of us needing to schedule a newborn session under two weeks old, it is best for you to book your newborn session ahead of time. Newborn photographers recommend after your 12 or 20 week scan so that you have one less thing on your check list to do and you have secured a spot in our busy schedules! Due to needing to be available for early and late births, newborn photographers aren’t able to schedule sessions for every single day of the week, this means we book up very quickly!

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Babies Older than Two Weeks

After the first two weeks, newborns get more and more awake,  they aren’t curly anymore. This means we can’t safely do the cute poses in buckets or nude images as they don’t bend this way anymore and it is simply not safe.

On occasion, I have clients who want to book a session with their baby who is older than two weeks of age. That’s OK! I don’t turn them away. I just inform the parents that babies older than two weeks might not curl up as easily or like their clothes off. When I have a session with an older baby, I  focus more on images of the baby dressed, awake, nicely tucked in a basket, or handheld shots. Not all parents are concerned about getting the early, curly poses. They just want photos of their baby. I just let them know not to expect those types of poses, but that I am happy to create beautiful portraits for them!

I never cancel a newborn or baby session merely because the baby has missed the “window of time” for the curly shots. Instead, I’ll refocus the session on the fact that the baby may be awake most, if not all, of the session. I prepare and plan your setups accordingly. Wrapped shots in baskets, above shots, and handheld shots are the best for babies who are awake. I always make sure, that the parents that they will walk away with gorgeous photos of their baby no matter what the age.


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