Baby sessions in Manchester

How to prepare for your baby session? Are you planning for a sitter photo session? You won’t regret it. Now your baby starts to interact, sit up, and smile get more often.

Please read some useful tips, on how you can prepare for your little one’s baby photo session with Dora Horvath Photography. Sitter sessions take place at my studio in Audenshaw, Manchester.

Session time

Let’s organise it based on the baby’s nap schedule. Closer to the time we can just double-check, it may have changed over time. If the baby awakes earlier or later than usual on the day, just let me know, there is a possibility to change the start time.

Bring what the baby loves the most

How to prepare for your baby session? It is advisable to bring musical toys, and other special toys, this can be helpful in capturing smiles.

how to prepare for your baby session 3


Do you have a particular colour preference? Let me know, I can prepare accordingly.

What to wear

How to prepare for your baby session? The baby will tolerate posing and outfit changes for an hour or so. Preparation is key.

What to wear – simple is the best. Picking out the outfits ahead of time makes everything smoother and easier. I always recommend taking one or two family photos – you won’t regret it.

Please avoid logos, patterns often not photograph well, in this case, combine with plain colours.

You can choose:

  • Earthy tones
  • Soft pastels
  • Solid colours

How to prepare for your baby session? Rested baby is a happy baby

Please make sure your baby had enough sleep and please give her/him a little snack or a full feed before you come to the studio for the baby photography session. This is one of the most important things during baby photography sessions. You can only take happy images if your baby is also happy, rested, and relaxed.

how to prepare for your baby session 2

What else to bring

Bring everything you would normally take with you – like a nappy, blanket, snack, or milk.

how to prepare for your baby session 1

Your baby photo session will be an amazing experience. We can’t wait to meet your beautiful family and take images of your little one.

If you would like to book a baby photography session (Award Winning Photography Manchester) then please email me at [email protected] or telephone me on 07841737423.

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