Preparing for your newborn photography session in my Manchester home studio is almost as time-consuming as the actual session! So much work goes into preparing the studio for a session with your new arrival!

The style of images you like

In our correspondence before the session, I give you a long list of colours to choose from for your session. I also ask for 5 of your favourite images from my website/instagram or Facebook page. This is a great starting point I use to plan your session as I can see which of my images speak to you and get your style from it. I can see if you prefer prop images or beanbag, what colours and props you like etc.

newborn baby in teddy hat brown

Smooth workflow

With my years of experience as a baby photographer, I have learned how to plan our sessions so that they are the most efficient and easy for baby. I always tell the parents that the newborns are leading my sessions. I try to make relaxed session for baby. The key to me getting lots of the beautiful photography set ups you see in my portfolio is transitioning. Smooth transitioning is key to keeping baby asleep and happy, so I plan out the session step by step to get the easiest transitioning for baby and keep them in a deep sleep. I prepare all your colour choices and images and plan out the best possible session for baby. The reason I plan all this out prior to the session is because if there wasn’t smooth transitioning from one set up to the next, baby would wake up and our session would be way too long for them! I always start with swaddled images and then once baby is in a deep sleep we transition to the bucket poses and then the beanbag poses on a backdrop.

DSC 4346
DSC 4396

If you would like to book a newborn photography session (Award Winning Photography Manchester) then please email me at [email protected] or telephone me on 07841737423.

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