We are multi award winning photography studio based in Manchester. I have been learning from the best photographers.  When you look for a newborn photographer it is important to hire a professional who has lots of training and experience. How do you know if someone is experienced with newborns? If you check my website, our images show nicely posed newborns with relaxed position. I always push myself and try to pose the newborns perfectly.  I am proud member of Guild Photographers and take part of monthly photography competitions which helps me to challenge myself, it is great opportunity to learn and grow myself as a newborn photographer. The competition with constructive critique drives me to higher level. I am also winner of AFNS award. (Awards for Photographers in the Field of Newborn Photography & Maternity Photography.)

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Styling the session

With my years of experience as a baby photographer, I have learned how to plan our sessions so that they are the most efficient and easy for baby. I always tell the parents that the newborns are leading my sessions. Planning and styling is really important part of my preparation. I always try to find out what the parents want, what their colour preference is. If they like any of my images or pose from my website, i can recreate similar image. The key to me getting lots of the beautiful photography set ups you see in my portfolio is transitioning. I am lucky enough to have assistant during the newborn session. Safety is top priority for me. Most of the poses require assistance and help to secure the baby while i am taking images.  Smooth transitioning is key to keeping baby asleep and happy, so I plan out the session step by step to get the easiest transitioning for baby and keep them in a deep sleep. I prepare all your colour choices and images and plan out the best possible session for baby. 

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If you would like to book a newborn photography session (Award Winning Photography Manchester) then please email me at [email protected] or telephone me on 07841737423.

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