Little Ali’s birthday session was so much fun. Milestone sessions allow you to capture the new skills and exciting things your baby is doing! Everything changes so quickly during your baby’s first year, make sure you take the time to document it all. One of the most special ones is the first birthday session. 


Baby photography session 

What isn’t to love about a happy, smiling baby? I was so lucky to be able to photograph this gorgeous little baby boy a couple of weeks ago.  Baby sessions are so much fun, these are the small sessions that really capture a few of the changes of your beautiful baby in that first year of life. Most babies are starting to sit on there own at about 6 months of age and this is the perfect time to stop by our studio for a quick sitter session. Little Ali was celebrating his first birthday, the balloons made him very happy and distracted him enough to let me start to take some adorable images of him.



These sitter sessions are some of our favorites – it’s always a blast to see what kiddos are up to during our time together. It is a perfect present to purchase a photo session to your loved ones. Please make sure you check my availability first to avoid any disappointment. You can contact me here.

Let me know if you have any further questions about choosing the right newborn baby photographer, and enjoy these gorgeous portraits of adorable Ali!


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