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Dora Horvath is the photographer behind Dora Horvath Photography. Her favorite thing in the world is providing beautiful, hand-finished wall art for clients’ homes. Her second favorite thing is traveling around the world.

Dora’s style is relaxed, informal, and fun. She aims to create images that are unique and cannot be found at a high street studio. She takes the time with each and every client to produce the very best portraits that can be treasured for years to come.

Dora and her husband are a photography-loving couple originally from Hungary. She has always loved taking her cameras on their holidays to capture the best moments of their lives. Dora underwent extensive newborn photography training to become a professional photographer. They moved to Manchester and started their business 9 years ago.

Dora decided to focus on the most beautiful type of photography: newborn photography. She feels lucky to be able to photograph amazing babies and has managed to expand to maternity and family photography as well.

Clients can reach out to Dora for any questions or to chat. She is always happy to reply to emails or have a conversation.

The Studio

Photography studio in Manchester | Cheshire | Wilmslow

The studio is designed to provide a welcoming and peaceful environment for both babies and parents. Clients can relax and enjoy the magic while Dora works with their baby.

For clients interested in scheduling an Older Baby Photoshoot, Dora works with them to select the perfect styling and finalize the ideal time of day for the session when their little one will be most comfortable, perhaps following a nap or feeding.

Although the studio was designed specifically with newborns in mind, it can also be used for older children. Dora offers cake smash sessions, pregnancy, family, and siblings portraits as well.

With this new space, Dora has much more to offer to her clients. She invites clients to book an appointment and have a chat about what they like the best. She looks forward to photographing their little ones.

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Behind the scenes

I always like to show some sneak peek of behind scene pictures. I have created a small video to see me working with a newborn baby. If you want to see more behind the scenes videos

from me, you can follow me on my YouTube channel. Being very gentle and careful with your little one is extremely important. Security of your baby is always top priority during the

session.  I tend to use a spotter to make sure everything goes smooth. Not every newborn can do all poses. They always lead the session, I never force them to do poses they are not

comfortable with. I can manage to nail the trickiest poses with composite, editing more pictures together. Your baby will always be in good hands, you can just relax and enjoy the

session. You can read more about my newborn sessions and about my prices  on my Session info page. 




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